Kings and Queens in Roskilde Cathedral

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All over the world, beautiful cathedrals tell their country’s magnificent stories, but only one is still the centre for its country’s royal burials.

This book tells the story of Roskilde Cathedral through the cathedral’s burial chapels, and the kings and queens that have found their final resting places here. Their legacy mirrors the time in which they lived and that they helped to form.

This is a story of people, of faith and values, of war, of art and love, of life and death. It is a story of monarchs from the days of the Vikings to today’s Denmark. And it is a story of the monument on the hilltop in Roskilde that is an inalienable cultural heritage for the whole world.

Kings and Queens in Roskilde Cathedral is written by journalist and author Lene Steinbeck and published by Fondsorganisationen bag Kulturarv Roskilde Domkirke.