Archbishop Absalon of Lund and his World, bog

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“In the spring of 1996 Roskilde Museum arranged the exhibition “Absalon and his Cities – Roskilde, Lund Copenhagen”. The central figure was Absalon, bishop of Roskilde, archbishop of Lund, and founder of the castle of Copenhagen (1128-1201). (…) However, twentieth-century scholarshiop on Absalon has not been extensive. One of the incentives behind the exhibition was to redicrect attention to Absalon, and a further means was the pulication of an introductory volume in Danish containing seventeen articles on “Absalon, Father of the Nation”.  In connection with this activity it was decided to arrange an interdisciplinary symposium on “Absalon and Saxo”. (…) The present book contains the papers read at this symposium, and it comprises contributions from various branches of historical and literary scholarship.

Udgivet 2000

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